Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

Dropout Prevention and Recovery Assessment Announcement


Greetings Dropout Prevention and Recovery Community School Leaders and Sponsors, 
The Department of Administrative Services has awarded Renaissance Learning the contract for administering the norm-referenced assessments as required in section 3314.017(C)(4) of the Revised Code. Community schools receiving the Dropout Prevention and Recovery report card will soon receive information from Renaissance Learning on administration of the STAR Assessments in reading and mathematics. 
The Department has previously shared practical advice on testing during this year. In that document, the Department emphasizes that schools first and foremost should be attentive to the safety of students and staff while making good faith efforts to meet testing requirements amid local context and conditions. 
In addition to this new assessment, recent statutory changes have made short-term adjustments to some accountability requirements for community schools receiving the Dropout Prevention and Recovery report card. These developments have greatly impacted the context for the test and the related growth data for the 2020-2021 school year. 
House Bill 409 removed most of the state consequences for report card results for the current school year. At the same time, statutory requirements still include reporting data for continuous improvement purposes. Accordingly, the Department’s goal is to support community schools to test as many students as possible 
The results from the test will be used to calculate student growth from this school year and more importantly will provide baseline performance data for teachers to use to support students. This data will also inform growth measures in future years. To accomplish this goal, the Department has worked with Renaissance Learning to establish two windows for testing your students:  

  • 1st   Window – February 16th through March 26th 
  • 2nd  Window – April 12th through May 28th
Schools should aim to test as many students as possible in both administrations of the assessments. Per House Bill 409, the report cards will be published in Fall 2021 with all available data to be used for review and improvement planning, but there will be no ratings for those schools receiving the dropout prevention and recovery report card. Additionally, the demotion for test participation that is applied to the Progress Component will not apply this year in the absence of ratings.  
Additional announcements on accountability or report card impacts will be released by the Department via FAQs in the coming weeks. The Department is available to assist you and your staff in understanding the requirements for administration of the STAR assessments.  If you have additional questions, please send them to

The Offices of Accountability, Assessment and Community Schools