Significant Expansion Guidance

The Department has a responsibility to annually reallocate federal education resources (Title I-A, Title II-A, IDEA-B) to new and significantly expanded community schools. The Department utilizes this process to add stability to the system for all schools in Ohio, including both traditional and community schools. The Significantly Expanded Community School Notification Form should be submitted by a community school sponsor for any of its community schools that wish to be evaluated for significant expansion. See the Ohio Community School Significant Expansion Guidance   for more information. This will allow the Department to take a proactive approach in determining if a community school should be included in the reallocation process by reviewing the notification at the same time as final enrollment data are submitted. This information will be reviewed on an annual basis; therefore, there is no appeal period for this process.

To be considered for reallocation, a community school must meet Ohio’s definition of Significant Expansion (34 C.F.R. 76.787) indicating that a community school will:

A. Add one or more grade level(s) -OR- add an educational program(s) in core academic subject areas;


B. Plan to significantly increase enrollment.

The definition of significant growth is growth of more than the average community school percentage growth identified for the prior school year. The calculation of significant growth includes only community schools that experienced growth in the most recent school year for which there are final enrollment data. The Department uses final enrollment FTE to determine significant growth.

The Department will have two reporting windows for significant expansion review. 

  • First review window: Forms submitted by a community school sponsor by Sept 29, 2023.
  • Second review window: Forms submitted by a community school sponsor by Feb. 1, 2024

We encourage any community schools that feel they meet the above criteria to have a form submitted on their behalf by their sponsor in Epicenter. If you have questions, contact your consultant in the Office of Community Schools for additional assistance.

Last Modified: 9/7/2023 7:58:42 AM