Drafts of 2023-2024 Sponsor Evaluation Tools

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NOTE: The Department values comments from stakeholders regarding the sponsor evaluation framework. To ensure all stakeholders’ input is considered,the Department will review and compile all comments provided prior to the mandated deadline. Any comments provided after the conclusion of the established comment period will be considered in the following year.

Pursuant to ORC 3314.016 (B)(1) the Department of Education shall develop and implement an evaluation system that annually rates and assigns an overall rating to each entity that sponsors a community school. The Department, not later than the first day of February of each year, shall post on the Department's web site the framework for the evaluation system, including technical documentation that the department intends to use to rate sponsors for the next school year.

Below are drafts of the 2023-2024 technical document, change logs and instruments to be used for the academic, quality and compliance components of the 2023-2024 community school sponsor evaluation. These documents are available for public review and comment until 4:59pm on Friday, March 3, 2023.

Individuals wishing to provide comments on the draft documents listed above should do so by using the survey links below.  Please provide all comments on compliance, quality practices and the technical document through their respective surveys.  Comments about the academic component should be included in the appropriate section of the technical document survey.

Please contact the Sponsor Evaluation team at sponsor.evaluation@education.ohio.gov if you have any questions.

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