Historical Sponsor Ratings

Historical Sponsor Ratings

For 2018-2021 school years sponsor ratings, please visit the Overall Sponsor Ratings webpage.

What's a Sponsor? A sponsor has the authority (ability) to establish a community school. Sponsors ensure that schools adhere to their contracts, and they make important decisions, such as whether to renew contracts with community schools. They also provide oversight and technical assistance.

What's a Community School? Community schools, which are often called charter schools nationally and in other states, are public schools created in Ohio law; are independent of any school district; and are part of the state’s education program. Community schools are public schools of choice and are state and federally funded. 

The Ohio Department of Education annually evaluates community school sponsors on three components:

  1. The academic performance of the community schools they sponsor.
  2. Their compliance with all applicable laws and rules.
  3. Their adherence to quality sponsoring practices.

Historical Summary Result Files

2016-2017 | Overall Rating

2015-2016 | Overall Rating

Schools excluded from academic calculation files


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