License Types

AD Adolescence to Young Adult (7-12)
AE Adult Education
AI Educational Aide
AL Associate
AM Student Monitor
AS Administrative Specialist
AT Technologist
AU School Audiologist
BA Principal
BM EAS - Business Management
CH Comprehensive High School (7-12)
CR EAS - School-Community Relations
CT Career Technical (4-12)
CW Career Technical Workforce Development
DS Designated Subject (Grades K-12)
DS Designated Subject (4-12)
EA EAS - Educational Staff Personnel Administration
EC Early Childhood (P-3)
ED EAS - Educational Personnel
EH Education of the Handicapped (K-12)
EL Elementary (1-8)
EP Elementary Principal (K-8)
ER EAS - Educational Research
ES Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (P-3)
GE General Education
HI Tutor
HP High School Principal (7-12)
HS High School (7-12)
IL Intervention Specialist (K-12)
IS EAS - Instructional Services
KA Prekindergarten Associate
KE Kindergarten-Elementary (K-8)
KI Kindergarten
KP Kindergarten-Primary (K-3)
LP School Speech-Language Pathologist
LS Local Superintendent
MA Multi Age (P-12)
MB School Business Manager
MC Middle Childhood (4-9)
MI Military Science
MP Middle School Principal (4-9)
MS Middle School (4-9)
NT Non-Tax
OS Out of State Educator
OT Occupational Therapist
PA Personnel Administration
PF Primary (PreK-5)
PH MRDD Principal
PI Primary Intervention Specialist (PreK-5)
PK Prekindergarten
PP EAS - Pupil Personnel Administration
PS Pupil Services
PT Physical Therapist
RS Reading Supervisor
SA Assistant Superintendent
SC School Counselor
SE Special Education
SH MRDD Supervisor
SL School Speech-Language Pathologist Student License
SN School Nurse
SP Special All Grades (K-12)
SS School Psychologist
ST Superintendent
SU Supervisor
SW School Social Worker
TM STEM (6-12)
VD EAS - Vocational Director
VO Vocational Education
VS Vocational Supervisor
VT Visiting Teacher
XP EAS - Exceptional Pupil


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