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Beginning with the FY13 EMIS Manual, the basic structure of the Manual underwent a drastic redesign. Links to the Manuals with the old design (FY04-12) can be found at the bottom of this page or by clicking here (EMIS Manuals FY2004–2012).

Links to the sections of the Manual published since that redesign are available in the table below. The list of sections contains quick links that will take you directly to the Manual section of interest.

EMIS Manual Sections FY2012–

Section 1: General Information
Section 2: Student Records
Section 3: Staff Records
Section 4: Course Records
Section 5: District/Building Records
Section 6: Financial Records
Section 7: Five-Year Forecast Records
ODE EMIS Manuals, Combined
Special Section: COVID-19
Special Collection Requests


General Information

1.1 EMIS Overview
1.1.1 EMIS Data Review & Verification and EMIS Data Appeals
1.2 General Data Characteristics
1.3 Community School Funding


Student Records

2.1 Student Records Overview
2.1.1 Student Enrollment Overview
2.2 Student Demographic (GI) Record
2.3 Student Demographic Record - Race Detail (GJ) Record
2.4 Student Standing (FS) Record
2.5 Student Attributes - Effective Date (FD) Record
2.6 Student Attributes - No Date (FN) Record
2.7 Student Acceleration (FB) Record
2.8 Student Assessment (FA) Record
2.8.1 Assessment Area Codes
2.9 Student Program (GQ) Record
2.10 Student Gifted Education (GG) Record
2.11 Student Discipline (GD) Record
2.12   CTE Workforce Development Follow-up (GV) Record
2.13 Student Special Education (GE) Record
2.14 Student Special Education Graduation Requirement (FE) Record
2.15 Student Graduation - Core Summary (GC) Record
2.16 Graduation-Only Test (GP) Record
2.17 Student Missing Override (FC) Record
2.18 Student Summer Withdrawal (FL) Record
2.19 Student Contact (FF) Record
2.20 Student Contact Address (FG) Record
2.21 Student Transportation (FP) Record
2.22 Student Truancy and Excessive Absence (FT) Record


Staff Records

3.1 Staff Records Overview
3.2 Reporting Contracted Staff
3.3 Staff Demographic (CI) Record
3.4 Staff Employment (CK) Record
3.5 Contractor Staff Employment (CJ) Record
3.6 Contract Only Staff (CC) Record
3.7 Staff Summer Employment Separation (CL) Record
3.8 Staff Missing Override (CP) Record
3.9 Position Codes


Course Records

4.1 Course Records Overview
4.2 Course Master (CN) Record
4.3 Staff Course (CU) Record
4.4 Student Course (GN) Record
4.5 Career-Technical Education Correlated Class (CV) Record
4.6 Mapped Local Classroom Code (CM) Record
4.7 Subject Codes
4.8 Student Course Grade Record


District/Building Records

5.1 District/Building Records Overview
5.2 Grade Schedule (DL) Record
5.3 Organization - General Information (DN) Record
5.4 District Testing- Yearend (DT) Record


Financial Records

6.1 Financial Records Overview
6.2 Cash (QC) Record
6.3 Expenditure (QC) Record
6.4 Receipt (QC) Record
6.5 Operational Unit (OPU) Description (QC) Record
6.6 Capital Assets (QC) Record
6.7 Miscellaneous Financial (QC) Records


Five-Year Forecast Records

7.1 Five-Year Forecast Overview
7.2 Five-Year Forecast (QF) Record 
7.3 Five-Year Forecast Notes (QN) Record

ODE EMIS Manual, Combined


Special Section: COVID-19




Special Collection Records Only

8.1 Special Collections Overview:  FY13, FY14 1.0
8.1.1 E-Transcript Records Overview:  FY13, FY14 1.0
8.1.2 Student Record Exchange Overview:  FY13, FY14 1.0
8.2 Student Contact (FF):  FY13, FY14 1.0
8.3 Student Contact Address (FG):  FY13, FY14 1.0
8.4 Staff Relationship (CH):  FY13, FY14 1.0
8.5 Staff Contact (CD):  FY13, FY14 1.0
8.6 Student Course Academic Performance History (FH):  FY13 1.0; FY14 1.1
8.7 Student Academic Performance Summary (FJ):  FY13, FY14 1.0
8.8 Student Attendance Summary (FK): FY13, FY14 1.0
8.9 Student Contact Supplemental (FM):  FY13, FY14 1.0

Other Record Types Included in Special Collections

2.2 Student Demographic (GI):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.3 Student Demographic Record - Race Detail (GJ):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.4 Student Standing (FS):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.5 Student Attributes- Effective Date (FD):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.6 Student Attributes - No Date (FN):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.8 Student Assessment (FA):  FY13 2.0; FY14 2.1
2.9 Student Program (GQ):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.10 Student Gifted Education (GG):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.13 Student Special Education (GE):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.14 Student Special Education Graduation Requirement (FE):  FY13, FY14 2.0
2.15 Student Graduation Core Summary (GC):  FY13, FY14 2.0
3.3 Staff Demographic (CI):  FY13, FY14 2.0
  Valid Assessment Options for Special Collections




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