EMIS Acronyms

The following is a partial list of the acronyms you will hear and read when working with EMIS reporting. Updates will be made from time to time as new acronyms are created and old ones are retired. This is far from a comprehensive list, rather it is many of the most commonly used acronyms.


  ADM Average daily membership


  BDD Board of Developmental Disabilities


  CAP Corrective action plan
  CBI Career-Based Intervention
  CCP College Credit Plus
  CEP Community eligibility provision
  CNDC Child Nutrition Direct Certification
  CORE Connected Ohio Records for Educators
  CSADM Community school average daily membership
  CSV Comma separated values
  CTC Career and Technical Center
  CTE Career-technical education
  CTE FTE Career-technical education full-time equivalent


  DC Data collector
  DIRN District information retrieval number
  DOR District of residence
  DPR Dropout Prevention and Recovery
  DYS Department of Youth Services


  ED Economically disadvantaged
  EL English learner
  EMIS Education Management Information System
  ESC Educational service center
  ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act


  FAPE Free Appropriate Public Education
  FAY Full academic year
  FCS Family and consumer sciences
  FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  FLICS Federal Low Income Counts System
  FTE Full-time equivalent


  HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


  IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  IEP Individualized education plan
  IRN Information retrieval number
  ITC Information technology center


  JDC Juvenile detention center
  JVS Joint vocational school


  LCC Local classroom code
  LDR Legal district of residence
  LEA Local education agency
  LEP Limited English Proficient
  LGR Longitudinal graduation rate
  LRC Local report card


  MOA Majority of attendance


  OAC Ohio Administrative Code
  OAEP Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals
  ODDEX Ohio District Data Exchange
  OEDSA Ohio Education Data Systems Association
  OEDS Ohio Education Directory System
  OELPA Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment
  ORC Ohio Revised Code
  OSD Ohio School for the Deaf
  OSSB Ohio State School for the Blind


  POC Program of concentration
  PSE Preschool special education


  RC Report collector


  SCM Student Claiming Module
  SCR Student Cross Reference
  SDC Secure data center
  SFPR School Finance Payment Report
  SIF Schools interoperability framework
  SIG State Improvement Grant
  SIS Student information system
  SLDS Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems
  SOES School Options Enrollment System
  SSDT State Software Development Team
  SSID Statewide student identifier
  STARS System to Achieve Results for Students
  STEAM Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics
  STEM Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics


  TIDE Test information distribution engine


  USAS Uniform School Accounting System
  USPS Uniform School Payroll System


  WAP Written acceleration plan
  WEP Written education plan
  WFD Workforce development

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