EMIS Report Catalog

This project was initiated by the EMIS Advisory Council in order to create one comprehensive list of all reports generated by the Department's EMIS office, those included in the Secure Data Center, and the received files available in the data collector.

This catalog will help users to more easily locate and understand these reports by providing the following information for each report included. (See the Notes tab of the workbook for more detailed descriptions.)
  • The report title and file name (columns A and B)
  • Where to find the report (column C)
  • The data type included (column D)
  • The collections during which the report is produced (column E)
  • The EMIS records included (F)
  • The target audiences (columns G and H)
  • The function/purpose (column I)
  • The main intended impacts of the data included in the report (columns J, K, and L)
  • How often each report is generated (column M)
  • Many reports also include additional resources for help with understanding the report and the data included (column N)
EMIS Report Catalog, posted 7/18/23

Last Modified: 7/18/2023 9:52:15 AM