EMIS Training

Training dates are communicated via EMIS Newsflashes. Newsflashes are emailed to ITCs and EMIS coordinators and are posted on our website (ODE Home > Topics > Data > EMIS). We work with the ITCs to schedule regular trainings, so contact your ITC—or the ITC closest to you—to find out when we will be there next.

Current ODE ITC EMIS Training

March ODE ITC EMIS Training (march 16–22)

  • Topics
    • FY23 Final Exiting Student (S) Follow-Up Update
    • Assessments
    • Grad Cohort Assignment
    • Gifted
    • EMIS Changes


2023 ODE ITC EMIS Training

April: New EMIS Coordinator Training
  • May/June
    • 5/17/23–6/16/23: dates and times TBD
August: New EMIS Coordinator Training
  • September
    • Dates and times TBD
  • November
    • Dates and times TBD

Past ODE ITC EMIS Training

January ODE ITC EMIS Training (Jan. 23–27)

  • Topics
    • Third Grade Reading Guarantee (TGRG)
    • Exiting Student Follow-Up Updates
    • Other
    • ODDEX

November/December ODE ITC EMIS Training (Nov. 28-Dec. 2)

  • Topics
    • Exiting Student Follow-Up
    • Staff and Course Reporting
    • Staff and Course Reporting Scenarios
    • Student Cross Reference (SCR) Conflicts

October 2022 ODE ITC EMIS Training (Oct. 13-19)

  • Topics
    • Exiting Student Follow-Up
    • Special Education
    • Court/Foster Placement
    • EMIS Changes
    • ODDEX Updates


There is a playlist that includes all session recordings currently available.

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