Training Evaluation

Your evaluations of our trainings are now being collected via an online form. This will give us access to better, more immediate feedback and statistics about these trainings, which will allow us to be even more responsive to your input. This will also be easier for you as you will no longer have to email anything to us.

After completing the evaluation and clicking submit, you will see a message thanking you for your feedback and acknowledging your attendance at a training. If this is information you need, be sure to capture or print the page and retain it for your records. Once the evaluation period for the session ends (2 weeks after the final session), you will no longer be able to submit a response or receive an attendance acknowledgement. Note that this is the only way to receive this acknowledgement. We will no longer be emailing this information to participants.

ODE ITC EMIS Training Evaluation

Last Modified: 3/11/2022 11:47:10 AM