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EMIS Newsflash – February 16, 2021


Prioritization of EMIS Data on Education Delivery Model, Hardware, and Connectivity 

The Ohio Department of Education recently added a number of EMIS options for the reporting of education delivery model (in person, hybrid, and remote), hardware access and internet connectivity (see EMIS Manual Sections 2.9 Student Program Record and 5.3 Organization - General Information Record) as part of our effort to better understand the state’s education delivery landscape. We received feedback that these new reporting options are causing significant stress for EMIS coordinators and other school staff as they try to respond to the many challenges schools are facing at this time. 


Hardware and Connectivity Optional: Although we have tried to share that we are not expecting all students to have individual values reported (see the FAQ) and have an “unknown” option available for the hardware and connectivity options, we want to make it clear that we understand we will not receive individual student data on all students this year. There will be no consequences for districts and schools if individual student data is not reported using these new options. In addition, in this first year for this data, we will treat a student with no options reported for hardware and connectivity the same as a student who has “unknown” reported; in other words, it is not necessary to take the time to enter the “unknown” option for each student. 


Reporting Priority: With the above understanding, we ask EMIS coordinators to prioritize these new data elements as follows, from highest priority to lowest priority, within the context of other tasks EMIS coordinators must complete and the local availability of each type of data: 

1.       District and Building data on education delivery model (section 5.3) 

2.       Individual student exceptions to education delivery model (section 2.9, 7001xx codes) 

3.       District-level data on district-provided hardware and connectivity (section 5.3) 

4.       Individual student access to internet connectivity (section 2.9, 7004xx codes) 

5.       Individual student access to hardware (section 2.9, 7002xx codes) 


Some districts and schools may be able to provide all of the data, but we realize that many districts will not have the information and resources available to provide all five.   


We believe all districts and schools will be able to provide the first set of data. We hope districts with parent-selected (not ad-hoc or quarantine related) remote-only options (which include online schools) also will be able to report the appropriate 7001xx code for students who participated in a remote option for a significant part (at least one school term) of the year.

We realize there has been some confusion about who needs to have these 7001xx codes reported. The following scenarios do not require individual students to be reported with 7001xx codes: 

  • Any student who is following the district and/or building education delivery model reported in the first data type, be it remote, hybrid, or all in. 
  • Any student who switched to remote learning due to illness or quarantine.
  • Any student whose parent initially signed them up for a remote-only option, but switched back to the district/building education delivery model before the initial remote-only commitment was completed.

Likewise, if a district provides devices to students in some grade levels, reporting priority three from the numbered list above should not be as burdensome as collecting individual student-level data. 


Districts and schools should consider data types listed in priorities four and five above as optional for this year. If districts have it and can report it, we will accept it, but there will be no consequences if those data sets are not reported.  


We hope this clarification helps districts and schools with prioritizing their limited resources for data reporting.  If there are additional questions, please contact the EMIS Helpdesk through your ITC or send an email to

Reminder: March 2021 ODE ITC EMIS Trainings
The March 2021 ODE ITC EMIS Training sessions start soon. The first session is Monday, March 1; the full schedule is posted on our website. Registration is currently open for all sessions. Some of the topics to be discussed during these sessions include assessment reporting, grad cohort reports, and the Secure Data Center.

Visit our training webpage for more information regarding our EMIS Training. Along with dates for upcoming trainings, the page also includes all of the following for past trainings.
  • The PowerPoint presentation
  • A video recording of the session
  • A Q&A featuring many of the questions asked during the sessions, along with the answers
  • A list of the topics included in each set of trainings

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