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EMIS Newsflash – June 23, 2022


Reporting Non-Jointure JVSD Students
Students enrolled in their home high school who attend a non-jointure Joint Vocational School District (JVSD) 100% of time should be reported with a Majority of Attendance (MOA) IRN of the home district building in which the student would be enrolled if attending at the home district.
It has come to our attention that in the majority of such cases, the MOA IRN is being reported as all asterisks. This causes these students to “count” at the state level. Districts reporting in this manner will be notified via the Data Collector so their reporting can be corrected.
For more information, see the reporting instructions for the Majority of Attendance IRN Element in EMIS Manual Section 2.6: Student Attributes–No Date (FN) Record.