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EMIS Newsflash – June 9, 2021


FY22 EMIS Changes Subject to 90 Day Comment and Review Process
Ohio Revised Code Section 3301.0730 requires EMIS to create a process by which users of the system can review and provide public comment on new or updated EMIS Guidelines. EMIS changes that are subject to this process must be posted on the website for 30 days for public comment, 30 days for the Department's response to comments, and then another 30 days for public review before changes are considered “final”.

Now Open for Public Comment
Changes that are open for public comment are included on the FY22 Changes webpage and can be identified by a red short title. These changes also include the relevant comment and review dates and an attachment with the details of the change. To submit comments about a change, use the email link listed for that change. Each email link is unique to the particular change. Please do not include comments for multiple changes in a single email.

The following changes are now open for public comment. Please see the webpage at the above link for complete details.

  • 22-60 Clarify language regarding DN Assessment Group
  • 22-61 Acceleration reporting for transfer students
  • 22-62 Updated outdated references in Section 2.14