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EMIS Newsflash – March 23, 2021


Update on Education Delivery Model, Hardware, and Connectivity Data
The following email was recently sent to the EMIS Advisory Council. We’re including it here to be sure you are all aware of this information.
In my last email, I told you I would keep you apprised as additional information became available around the use of the new COVID-related EMIS data. About ten days ago, the U.S. Department of Education sent our state superintendent the final template we will use to request an accountability waiver pursuant to section 8401 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). In that waiver, states can request not to use data from the 2020-2021 school year for accountability purposes including not issuing any letter grades/ratings and not using the data to identify schools for Comprehensive (Priority) and Targeted (Focus) support and improvement.
My reason for emailing is that in return for the flexibility of not having to use the data for federal accountability purposes, Ohio must make publicly available all data on access to technology devices and high-speed internet, disaggregated by the federally-required subgroups. Leaders in our Accountability office still are working through the details of the requirement and we have not determined yet how the data will be made “publicly available”. Moreover, at their March meeting, our State Board of Education members began discussing a resolution that would require the Department to display the primary educational delivery model implemented by each school and district (in-person, hybrid or remote) during the 2020-2021 school year on the Ohio School Report Cards. We will work closely with State Board members Kirsten Hill and Tim Miller, who also serve as EMIS Advisory Council members, to make certain that council members’ perspectives are represented fully as the State Board conversation unfolds. As plans are finalized for the display of all COVID-related data, we will share them with all members of the field.
We stand by our guidance (copied below) establishing priorities for reporting these data, but we also know that because the data are going to be publicly reported, they will take on a new level of importance. We stand ready to support districts as they work through the data elements and will do everything we can to assist them in the coming months.
Reporting Priority: We ask EMIS coordinators to prioritize these new data elements as follows, from highest priority to lowest priority, within the context of other tasks EMIS coordinators must complete and the local availability of each type of data:
  1. District and Building data on education delivery model (section 5.3)
  2. Individual student exceptions to education delivery model (section 2.9, 7001xx codes)
  3. District-level data on district-provided hardware and connectivity (section 5.3)
  4. Individual student access to internet connectivity (section 2.9, 7004xx codes)
  5. Individual student access to hardware (section 2.9, 7002xx codes)
We continue to value your feedback and guidance on these data and look forward to engaging in an ongoing dialog about this and other EMIS collections.
EMIS ITC Conference Call Notes
The notes for the March 22, 2021, ITC Conference Call have been posted. You can find a short description of the purpose of the calls along with a link to the notes on the EMIS website.