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EMIS Newsflash – September 13, 2021


FY22 Retention Data Appeals Open
From Monday, Sept. 13, through Friday, Sept. 17, superintendents may appeal FY22 retention data. These data may affect measures on the 2021 Ohio School Report Cards as well as state funding received by the district.
For more information about the data appeal window, timeline, and completion process for superintendents, visit the EMIS Data Appeals webpage. For questions regarding data appeals, contact the Department's Office of Data Quality.
FY21 Finance Data Review Open
Now through Friday, Oct. 8, treasurers must complete the required review of their finance data reported in Ohio’s Education Management Information System (EMIS). As they complete and submit the 2021 Finance Data Review form, treasurers must signify whether the data are accurate.

EMIS Data Review and Verification forms are part of EMIS reporting described in Ohio Revised Code 3301.0714. The law requires treasurers to review and certify the quality of data, as noted in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-14-01 (G). Failing to complete the process may trigger progressive sanctions outlined in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-17.

Only the treasurer can access and complete the data review forms in the OH|ID portal. For more information about the data review window, timeline, and completion process, visit the EMIS Data Review & Verification webpage. For questions regarding data reviews, contact the Department's Office of Data Quality.