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EMIS Update: Data Appeal – November 15, 2023


FY23 eSchool Missing Test Data Appeal Open
From Wednesday, November 15 through Wednesday, December 6, eSchools may appeal their FY23 eSchool missing test data. The 023_STUDENT_ESCHOOL_1YEAR_SSIDs_20230927 file provided to eSchools indicates which assessments ODE has marked as missing for a given student for the first year. The file can be used to assist schools during the eSchool missing test appeals process. Each eSchool’s file can contain up to two tabs, MISSED_ANY_ES_SSIDS and/or MISSED_ANY_EOC_SSIDS.
For more information about this data appeal, timeline, and completion process for superintendents, visit the EMIS Data Appeals webpage. For questions regarding data appeals, contact the Department's Office of Data Quality.