EMIS Data Appeals

The Department recognizes that data reporting errors can and do occur and has designed a formal process to ensure that all districts can appeal and correct substantive reporting errors.

Data Appeals Process

The data appeal process is completed online through the OH|ID account.


Current Data Appeals

None at this time


Upcoming Data Appeals

*Note, all dates are subject to change

FY23 Initial Exiting Student Follow up (CTE)

Required to Approve: Superintendent (instructions)
Appeal Opens:
 Jan. 9, 2023

Appeal Closes: Jan. 12, 2023

FY23 Data Included

Impacted Organizations

  • FY23 Initial Exiting Student Follow up Collection (2023S1EXT)

  • Organizations required to report CTE follow up data
  • Districts will not be able to add students to their 2023 March list or update the CTE Program of Concentration through this appeals process.
  • Deadline to submit corrected data in EMIS for approved appeals is Jan. 18.



Districts that discover a substantive reporting error after the relevant appeals window has closed may request a watermark for their Report Card.

2022 Watermark Request Instructions

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