Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS)

The Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) is a decentralized directory data system in which organizations maintain their own data. The general public can search OEDS for the most current information about an organization.

Make Sure OEDS Data is Up to Date and Accurate

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce uses the information in OEDS to send important communication to school and district staff members throughout the year. Therefore, it is important that districts and schools ensure contact information in OEDS is current.

Each staff member listed in OEDS must have a valid email address marked as "Primary" to receive critical communications from the Department. Follow these instructions for Updating Contact Information in the Ohio Educational Directory System without an OEDS Organization Administrator Account.

Accessing OEDS

In order to assign or be assigned a role in OEDS, a user needs to have an OH|ID Account, Department of Education Profile and an appropriate OEDS Role.

Updating OEDS

OEDS organization administrators must log in to their OH|ID accounts to update information in OEDS. Those who are not OEDS organization administrators can follow the instructions located in the gray box on this page to update their contact information in OEDS without an OEDS Organization Administrator account.

Ohio Educational Directory Lists and Data


OEDS Information: OEDS.ContactUs@education.ohio.gov

Last Modified: 5/23/2024 8:53:20 AM