Ohio Education Data Professional Network

Learn. Share. Support. 

The purpose of the Ohio Education Data Professionals (OEDP) Network is to bring together individuals who are passionate about education data and provide a collaboration space for members to deepen their knowledge and expertise in educational data; collect, share, and manage resources; and create new ideas, knowledge, and practices.

OEDP Network members come from all around Ohio and are employed by public school districts, community schools, educational service centers (ESCs), state support teams (SSTs), universities, and the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce. Members include district administrators, academic coaches, ESC consultants, SST consultants, professors, and many more.

Ohio Education Data Professionals (OEDP) Network Members:

  • Receive newsletters that provide updates and helpful links, data dives on education data and registration information for professional learning opportunities;
  • Gain the opportunity to collaborate with dedicated individuals through a community of practice; and
  • Acquire access to shared network documents and resources. 

Becoming a Member 

Any individual who is committed to the mission and vision of the Ohio Education Data Professional Network can become a member. The OEDP Network is inclusive. There are no criteria to join other than supporting the mission and vision of the network. Network members include all individuals committed to the mission and vision of the network. Two types of membership exist within the network:

General Network Members:

General network members include individuals who are committed to building knowledge, sharing resources, and connecting with other data professionals to help support the vision of the network. General network members may have credentials and support their own organization, but they do not provide any regional supports.

Regional Data Leads:

Regional Data Leads (RDLs) are network members who work at the regional level. They provide professional development, technical assistance, and coaching support to educators to strengthen professional practice and improve learning for all students. Visit The Regional Data Leads page to learn more information and view criteria for becoming an RDL.


email iconComplete this form to become an OEDP Network member. 

Monthly Meetings

The OEDP Network has virtual monthly meetups the third Friday of every month from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Microsoft Teams. There is no meetup in July. 

2023 Meetings

Members can join the meetups through this Microsoft Teams Link

Meeting Topic(s) Date Presentation Recording
Assessment Authoring System August 18, 2023 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
2023 Ohio School Report Card September 15, 2023 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Adolescent Literacy September 20, 2023 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Literacy: A Top Ten List October 20, 2023 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Third Grade Reading Guarantee October 25, 2023 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Accessing State Assessments November 17, 2023 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Federal School Identification December 15, 2023 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)

2024 Meetings

Meeting links will be provided in the agendas.

Meeting Topic(s) Date Presentation Recording
Special Education Profiles January 19, 2024 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Leveraging the Program to Improve Instruction for English Learners February 5, 2024 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Supporting Gifted &
Advanced Learners
February 16, 2024 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
ED Steps March 15, 2024 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Leveraging the Report Portal to Ensure Reporting Accuracy/ Secure Data Center  March 19, 2024 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
College, Career, Workforce, and Military Readiness Component April 19, 2024 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Dropout Recovery Report Card April 23, 2024 Presentation (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Incorporating  Industry Recognized Credentials into the High School Experience May 17, 2024 Presentation    (PDF) Recording (Youtube link)
Identification Dashboard June 21, 2024 OEDPN-June-2024-Identification-Dashboard-Overview-3.pdf TBA
Accountability Office Updates August 6, 2024 TBA TBA
Math Plan August 16, 2024 TBA TBA
TBA September 3, 2024 TBA TBA
Highlight Report from the Business Advisory Councils September 20, 2024 TBA TBA
TBA October 1, 2024 TBA TBA
TBA October 18, 2024 TBA TBA
TBA November 5, 2024 TBA TBA
TBA November 15, 2024 TBA TBA
TBA December 3, 2024 TBA TBA
TBA December 20, 2024 TBA TBA

If you have questions about OEDPN meetings that are not answered on this webpage, please email DataNetwork@education.ohio.gov.

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