Achievement Component for Career-Technical Planning District Report Cards

The Achievement component has two measures – Technical Skill Attainment and Performance Index. Technical Skill Attainment shows the proportion of students passing technical assessments. These assessments measure the skills and knowledge learned in a student’s career-technical program. The calculation for the Performance Index for Career-Technical Planning Districts is similar to the Performance Index for traditional report cards

What is being graded?

  1. The percent of students who participate in technical assessments;
  2. The percent of students who pass the technical assessments; and
  3. The percent of students who met the state standard by scoring proficient or higher on the required state tests. 

Questions to ask

  • Which career-technical centers, similar to ours, are doing better than we are? What are they doing?
  • What help do our students need to pass assessments?
  • What are we doing to increase participation? 

How are the two measures graded?

The Technical Skill Attainment Rate reflects the proportion of students who passed the technical assessments in their career-tech programs. The passage rate only includes students who took aligned assessments.

The Performance Index measures every student’s level of achievement. The higher the student’s level, the more points the Career- Technical Planning District earns toward its index. 

Letter Grade

Technical Skill Attainment Rate

Performance Index

A 90% - 100% 90% - 100%
B 80% - 89.9% 80% - 89.9%
C 70% - 79.9% 70% - 79.9%
D 60% - 69.9% 50% - 69.9%
F Less than 60% Less than 50%



Test Participation Rate

Decrease of one letter grade <90%
Decrease of two letter grades <80%

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