Achievement Component


The Achievement Component measures students’ academic achievement using each level of performance on Ohio’s State Tests. The Achievement Component has two measures: the Performance Index and the Performance Indicators. The Performance Index (PI) is used to assign the Achievement Component Rating. The Performance Indicators measure is data that are reported but do not factor into the rating of the component. The details of each measure and how the rating is assigned can be found in this technical document. 

Performance Index

The Performance Index measure (ORC 3302.01(A) and 3302.03(D)(1)(c)) uses the performance level results for students in grades 3 through high school on Ohio’s State Tests. The Performance Index score accounts for the level of achievement of every student, not just whether they are “proficient.” Each test a student takes is assigned an achievement level based on the test score with higher test scores resulting in higher achievement levels. On the Performance Index, the higher performance levels receive larger weights in the calculation – but all achievement levels are included. More information about test achievement levels is available annually in the ‘Understanding Ohio’s State Tests Reports” guidance document. 

Performance Indicators Measure

The Performance Indicators measure (ORC 3302.02(A)) is a report-only measure within this component – meaning the data does not factor into the rating determination. The Performance Indicators measure reports the percentage of students scoring proficient or higher on each of Ohio’s State Tests disaggregated by grade level and subject.

Technical Documentation and Resources

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