English Language Proficiency Improvement Indicator


The English language proficiency improvement measure (ELP Improvement) will give credit for English learners who achieve proficiency and for those who meet improvement goals for expected progress toward proficiency on the Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA). Points will be awarded based on the percent of English Learners’ who show improvement from one year to the next and will contribute to the rating assigned to the Gap Closing component on the Ohio School Report Cards. 
OELPA consists of four domain tests: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Students receive a score of 1 to 5 on each domain, and achieve proficiency and exit EL status by earning a combination of 4’s and 5’s across all domains they are required to complete. An EL is required to complete all four domains unless that student has a disability for which no vendor accommodation exists. In such cases, the district must report in EMIS that the student was exempt from that domain because no accommodation exists.
Proficiency on one domain does not exempt a student from completing that domain in a future year if the student continues to be identified as an English learner. If a student is required to complete all four domains and scores proficient on three out of the four domains on one attempt, the student must continue to take all four domains on subsequent attempts and remains an English learner until proficiency is attained on all four domains in the same year. 
The ELP Improvement measure uses only performance and improvement on the OELPA – no other tests are used. Each EL is assigned an improvement target for growth using the student’s grade level when initially identified as an EL and the summed score on the initial OELPA. Districts and schools earn credit for accountable students who either meet or exceed their annual improvement targets or score proficient on the OELPA. 

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