Annual Rankings and Reports

Rankings for the 2022-2023 School Year*

  • Classroom Expenditure RankingsRanks districts and community schools on the percentage of total expenditures spent on classroom instructions.  Comparison groups are based on enrollment. 
  • Performance Index Rankings: The Performance Index is a calculation that measures student performance on the Ohio State Tests. 
  • Value-Added Progress Rankings This calculation uses a “value-added” model of measuring academic growth that compares the change in achievement of a group of students to an expected amount of change in achievement that is based on the students’ prior achievement history.
  • Gifted Ranking: This calculation measures opportunities for and performance of gifted students. This ranking includes several components: the percent of all students in the district that are identified as gifted, the percent of students identified as gifted that receive gifted services, the percent of all students in the district that receive gifted services, the Performance Index for gifted students, and the Value-Added Gifted measure from the district report cards.

*Ranking Lists from prior years: Ranking lists from prior years are available in the Report Card Download


Annual Reports

Each year the Department publishes an annual state report card as well as other reports and lists related to performance across the state.  


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