Emergency Medical Waivers

Application Submission Deadline Has Been Extended 

Please note that the deadline listed below has been extended by the Department to June 5th, 2024. 

Ohio’s annual state tests are required by federal and state law. Although Ohio expects all students to take part in state tests, there may be rare circumstances in which students cannot take one or more assessments during the testing window dates because of medical emergencies.

Applications for the 2024 Emergency Medical Waivers must be submitted by May 31st, 2024. 

In these cases of medical emergencies, districts and community schools must apply for an Emergency Medical Waiver. Superintendents, superintendent designees, principals, test coordinators and Education Management Information System (EMIS) coordinators can enter information into the application form through the online system between May 13 and May 31, 2024. These administrators will have access within their OH|ID accounts to the “Data Collection” tile and should follow the prompts provided.

At the time the Emergency Medical Waiver is submitted, the district should report a test record in EMIS for each test not taken with a "Score Not Reported" code. If the Waiver is granted, Department staff will code the test record to remove it from all Local Report Card calculations.

Results from the state tests are used within the accountability system and published with Ohio’s School Report Cards. *Please note: An approved Emergency Medical Waiver does not exempt a student from having to complete one of the required pathways to graduate.


As part of the waiver application, an administrator must answer questions regarding the student’s medical emergency and upload supporting documentation. The Emergency Medical Waiver application should be used in situations that arise during the testing windows, including the make-up test windows, such as unexpected or worsening illness, or physical injury immediately before or during the testing window.

Incomplete applications and applications without superintendent or superintendent designee’s approval will not be considered or reviewed.

Although superintendents, superintendent designees, principals, testing and EMIS coordinators can enter the information into the application form, the official submission to the Department requires the superintendent or superintendent designee to approve and submit the completed form.

More information on the Department’s process for Emergency Medical Waivers is available on the Report Card Resource webpage.  

Direct all questions about Emergency Medical Waivers to Jackie Seward at (614) 387-7570 or EMW@education.ohio.gov.

More information on the Department’s guidance for Spring Testing is available on the Testing webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find the application for 2024? When is it due?
    • Emergency Medical Waiver Applications can be accessed within your  OH ID accounts. Select the Data Collection tile and follow the prompts provided (see instructions below).
    • Applications for the 2024 emergency medical waivers are due by May 31, 2024.
  • Who has access to submit the waiver application?
    • Superintendents, Superintendents’ Designees, Principals, Test Coordinators and Education Management Information System (EMIS) Coordinators can submit applications through the online system. However, it is crucial that the Superintendent or Superintendent’s Designee approve the waiver application. The Department will only review forms that have received this official local approval by the Superintendent or Designee.
  • What questions are on the waiver application?
    • The waiver application has prompts to enter student information, the tests for which you are requesting an emergency medical waiver, the testing dates for the school or district, the issue resulting in the student being unable to test and any supplemental documentation that supports the emergency waiver request.
  • How will we know when the applications have been approved or denied?
    • Upon final review of applications by the medical waiver review team, an email will be sent to the district Superintendent indicating the status of the application. The approval or denial of emergency medical waiver applications will be sent to district Superintendents via email the week of June 24th.
  • Should a test record be submitted for a student the district is requesting a medical waiver for?
    • Yes, a test record must be submitted for all students and assessments regardless of whether the student actually took the test. An approved emergency medical waiver application does not exempt a student from having to complete one of the required pathways to graduate.
  • I have a few more questions. Who can I contact?
    • Direct all questions about emergency medical waivers to Jackie Seward at (614) 387 – 7570 or email EMW@education.ohio.gov.


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