Collaborative Implementation Teams 

Collaborative teams are essential for shared leadership and effective communication. District, building and teacher-based teams share responsibility for improving student achievement as part of a system-wide improvement focus. 

District leadership team (DLT) draws from all levels of the organization and may include:

  • Superintendent;
  • Treasurer;
  • School board representatives;
  • School administrators;
  • Teachers;
  • Central office administrators;
  • Family and community members;
  • Union representatives;
  • School counselors; and
  • Community partners.

Building leadership team (BLT) also draws from all levels of the organization and may include:

  • Principal and school administrators;
  • Teachers serving across specialties and grade levels, such as academic coaches, general education teachers and intervention specialists;
  • Noncertified staff;
  • Counseling and support service providers;
  • Family and community members; and
  • Central office administrator.

Teacher-based teams (TBTs) include only building-level staff grouped by grades or content areas and may include:

  • General education subject area teachers;
  • Intervention specialists;
  • Related services specialists;
  • Related arts teachers;
  • Instructional coaches; and
  • Paraprofessionals.

Last Modified: 8/14/2018 3:40:46 PM