Support Schools Tool


The Ohio Department of Education’s Office for Improvement and Innovation selected a cohort of organizations to complete the Support Schools Tool survey to review progress from the previous academic year (2020-2021). Completion of the Tool is mandatory for these organizations. In addition, a number of organizations are required to complete grant-related questions. The questions will allow organizations to reflect on the effectiveness on the strategies used and the impact on students during the 2020-2021 school year. The survey is an opportunity to reflect on and share the outcomes of the programming and experiences with the grant. Organizations will be asked to provide relevant documents to support their answers. 

Organizations required to complete the Support Schools Tool in FY22 will receive feedback from the Office for Improvement and Innovation and their State Support Team.

Completing the Support Schools Tool is optional for districts, schools, and community schools that were not selected. These organizations are highly encouraged to complete their assigned surveys as self-assessments.

Note for grantees that receive School Quality Improvement Grant or the second cohort of the competitive Expanding Opportunities for Each Child Grant: electing to not complete the grant-specific survey(s) may result in additional monitoring in the future. 


Purpose of the Support Schools Tool

The Ohio Department of Education’s Support Schools Tool helps districts and schools track the effectiveness of the implementation of evidenced-based strategies identified in their school improvement plans. The Tool supports district and school leadership teams as they reflect on the efficacy of their educational practices. District leadership teams, with the assistance of state support teams, also use this tool to identify areas of improvement and inform targeted coaching efforts for individual schools.
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