Vulnerable Youth

Vulnerable Children and Youth are students who often encounter challenges in receiving a quality and equitable education. Vulnerable youth may face many barriers, including traumatization, high mobility, and undiagnosed behavioral and health conditions. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) emphasizes educational stability for vulnerable youth. By requiring states to report data on students with disabilities, English learners, homeless students, students with parents in the military and students in foster care, ESSA acknowledges the unique circumstances of vulnerable youth.

While any group of students identified through a needs assessment can be considered vulnerable, new data reporting requirements under ESSA will help educators identify trends and opportunities to better support their most vulnerable students. ESSA urges schools and districts to collect and analyze academic and community data to identify, implement and monitor evidence-based practices that will provide vulnerable youth with the opportunity to thrive. A responsive education system committed to equity in education is one that successfully partners with families and community members to identify and address the needs of each child.

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