Heading to Kindergarten

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The Office of Early Learning and School Readiness Head Start Collaboration Project and its’ partners are excited to launch Heading to Kindergarten!
Heading to Kindergarten is part of a unique national initiative focused on building partnerships between Head Start and public schools that support successful transitions to kindergarten.
High quality early childhood education can prepare children for kindergarten, but children’s continued success requires effective partnerships with the teachers and leaders in their next school environment. Heading to Kindergarten supports Strategy #7 of Each Child Our Future: Work together with parents, caregivers and community partners to help schools meet the needs of the whole child.

The Heading to Kindergarten project will provide resources, professional development and technical assistance aimed at improving connections between Ohio Head Start programs and their receiving elementary school in districts across the State. The goal is to develop guidance and resources based on best practices to enhance collaboration between early care and education programs, public schools and community partners as a critical pathway to better child outcomes.


Objectives of the Heading to Kindergarten Project

  1. Promote best practices to enhance collaboration between early care and education programs, community partners, and public schools.
  2. Provide resources, professional development, and technical assistance to support effective collaborations and successful transitions to kindergarten in sixteen Ohio school districts.
  3. Plan and implement a Heading to Kindergarten Transition Conference in 2021.


Pilot Project

Questions about Heading to Kindergarten? headstart@education.ohio.gov

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