Kindergarten Readiness Assessment for Families

occ_iStock_000018229522Large.jpgThe Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R) is a tool that teachers will use to get to know your child. It is not designed to rank children by ability, nor is it a tool for identifying students with disabilities or gifted students. This tool is primarily to help your teacher get to know your child in a way that does not interrupt the child’s learning.

Your child may not even be aware that the teacher is using this tool because most of the tool requires the teacher to watch the student during the natural course of the school day’s activities.

Don’t be alarmed if your child is not excelling in every area. Most children develop in spurts. They are ahead of their peers in some areas and behind in others. But remember, this tool is not designed to compare your child with other children, it is used to indicate how ready your child is for learning Ohio’s Learning Standards for kindergarten. All students will need support in some areas.

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Basics


​Ohio's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised is for all children enrolled in a public school, and those chartered non-public schools that have opted in to participate in the assessment. 


​The assessment measures your child's knowledge and abilities in four areas: social skills, language and literacy, mathematics, and physical well-being and motor development. 


​The assessment is given to kindergarten students not earlier than the first day of July of the school year and not later than the twentieth day of instruction of that school year. 


​When the assessment is complete, teachers will have information to share with families. The information will help families and teachers work as partners so that children are successful in school. 


​There are three ways for your child to show what he or she knows and is able to do. 

  1. Selecting an answer to a question. 
  2. Performing a requested task. 
  3. Being observed by the teacher during school or at recess. 

Your child’s kindergarten teacher will be glad to answer any questions you have about the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised and how you can support your child’s growth and development throughout the kindergarten year.


Last Modified: 9/12/2023 7:13:11 AM