Kindergarten Readiness Assessment FAQs - For Families

General Questions

General Questions

    Why does my child need to take the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?

    This Welcome to Kindergarten video explains Ohio's Kindergarten Assessment. The assessment provides information for your family, as well as your teachers, to help your child learn and grow.


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    What does the assessment cover?

    The kindergarten assessment covers four areas:  Social Skills (including the way students learn), Language and Literacy, Mathematics, and Physical Well-Being and Motor Development. This Welcome to Kindergarten video explains Ohio's Kindergarten Assessment. 


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    How does the assessment work?

    There are three ways for your child to show what he or she knows and is able to do.

    Your child will:

    • Select an answer to a question.
    • Do a requested task.

    Your teacher will:

    • Observe your child in school and at recess.


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    When will this assessment happen?
    The KRA-R is intended to be administered to kindergarten students starting the first day of school, or the first day that schools and districts take attendance for students who are enrolled in kindergarten with the administration ending on November 1. A board of education may administer the selected response and performance task items portion of the diagnostic assessment up to two weeks prior to the first day of the school year.

    Ohio kindergarten teachers have until Nov. 1 to complete the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised.

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    If my child has a special education plan, will he or she complete the assessment?

    Yes. Ohio’s Kindergarten assessment is for all children including children with disabilities.

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    How long does the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment take?

    This Welcome to Kindergarten video introduces Ohio's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. The amount of time it will take to administer, score and input assessment item data will vary from teacher-to-teacher and class-to-class.  This is because the assessment is the most efficient when teachers are able to use technology for the assessment.


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    Do all kindergarteners get tested with the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?

    No. Only first-time kindergarteners must take the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised. Children who are retained in kindergarten are not assessed.

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    Can I opt-out my child from the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?

    The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised helps a teacher understand each student as he or she is starting school. A teacher will use this information to individualize instruction for every child.  A student cannot be denied admission to kindergarten based upon the results.

    State and federal law requires that all students take the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised. Not taking the assessment limits information that helps the child to succeed in school and be at grade-level reading in the third grade.

    Student participation in the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised is part of the Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers grade on your school’s report card.

    Parent consent is not required in order for a district to assess a child, nor is there a state assessment opt-out form.  If the school district does not assess the child based upon the parent’s refusal, it should have the parent(s) document their refusal in writing.

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