Ohio Child Licensing and Quality System (OCLQS) Resources

jfs.ohio.gov/static/cdc/sutq-pdf/ODEChangeLocation.pdfOCLQS allows programs to manage program licensing and Step up to Quality tasks online.

All preschool and school-age child care licensing and Step Up To Quality tasks must be completed in the Ohio Child Licensing and Quality System (OCLQS).

To Log In:

  1. How to Log In to OCLQS as an ODE User.
  2. Assigning Roles in Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) for access to Ohio Child Licensing & Quality System (OCLQS)


Steps To Remove OCLQS Access:

  1. Remove the individuals OCLQS roles from the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS).
  2. E-mail OELSR.Licensing@education.ohio.gov and list the individuals name who needs removed from OCLQS.



Licensing Transactions


Preschool Licensing and School Age Child Care Licensing Job Aids: 


Step Up To Quality Job Aids:

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