Office of Federal Programs

Every Ohio school district and community school has a designated Federal Programs consultant. Our Federal Programs consultants are assigned to traditional districts according to State Support Team regions and by Sponsors for community schools. These assignments are designed to offer superior support to schools and districts by aligning to Ohio's Strategic Plan for Education and coordinating with the State Support Team regions.  

The Office of Federal Programs supports continuous improvement through our Office of Federal Programs Office Plan that integrates and aligns to the state strategic plan.

Looking for Your Federal Programs Consultant?

Locate your assigned Federal Programs consultant by accessing the Address Book within the CCIP and viewing your Consolidated ODE Application Contact. In most cases, calls should go to your district's assigned consultant first. The list below should only be used in specific circumstances.

A video explaining the process for finding your consultant can be found HERE.

Policy and Management Support Team 

Director: Jeremy Marks
Members: Jim Comeaux, Diane Neal, Morgan Brown, Scott May, Karen Auble, Rachel Hand, 

  • ED STEPS Ownership
  • Policy Setting, Procedures and Management
  • Office Inventory and Work Coordination
  • US Department Correspondence and Meetings
  • Grant Awards
  • Office Website, CCIP
  • Internal and External Trainings and Conferences
  • Agency and External Relations
  • LEA Application Approvals

Administration and Analysis Support Team

Assistant Director: Scott May
Members: Rachel Hand, Nina Pace, Danielle Edmonds

  • ED STEPS Project Management
  • Systems Supports
  • Data Supports
  • Administrative Support
  • Inventory and Records Supports
  • Grant Management and Procurement Supports

Well-rounded Education Support Team

Assistant Director: Morgan Brown
Members: Chantelle Carter, Rasha Hetata, Michael Crace, Lisa Huckins, Hearcel Craig, Kaylene Corcoran
  • ED STEPS: Needs Assessments
  • Emergency and Safety-Related Grants
  • Nonpublic and Educational Options
  • Title IC:  Migrant
  • Title III:  English Learners
  • Title IV:  Well-Rounded
  • Family and Community
  • ​LEA Support and Plan Reviews

Planning and Programming Support Team

Assistant Director: Diane Neal
Members: Amy Hill, Paul Preston, Ava Yaeger, Matt Imperato
  • ED STEPS: One Plan
  • Title IA:  Disadvantaged
  • Title II:  Educator Quality
  • Title V:  Rural
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Community School Connections
  • LEA Support and Plan Review

Allocations and Operations Support Team

Assistant Director: James Comeaux
Members: Daphne Rees, Philip Steffanni, Jason Coleman, Lilly Jamaledine, Tim Norfleet

  • ED STEPS: Funding Applications
  • Allocations
  • Title I D:  Neglected and Delinquent
  • Fiscal Requirements
  • Internal Grants Management Support
  • Internal and External Audits
  • Compliance Risk Factors
  • LEA Support and Plan Reviews

COVID Relief and Sustainability Support Team

Assistant Director: Karen Auble
Members: Elizabeth Braun, Sarah Andreas, Randy Richardson, Vickie Seal, Kathleen Sierra

  • COVID Legislation and Programs (ESSER and GEER):  Overall Coordination and Management Support
  • ESSER and GEER Application Development
  • Contracts and External Coordination
  • Monitoring and Oversight Coordination (Cross Offices)
  • Provide cross-office collaboration, training and support
  • Overall Technical Assistance coordination and application support and approval
  • Assurances and Conditions
  • ED STEPS:  General Support
  • Plan Support and Approvals
  • Office Responsibilities Integration and Sustainability (supporting cross office responsibilities)

Office of Federal Programs Main Line: (614) 466-4161


Contact Name

Phone Number

Allocations Jim Comeaux (614) 995-5044
21st Century Community
Learning Centers/Allocations
Nina Pace (614) 387-0344
Carryover Waivers Jim Comeaux (614) 995-5044
CCIP - Consolidated Funding Application Various Federal Programs consultants available.
Please review the Address Book within CCIP for your Consolidated ODE Application Contact.
CCIP General Support Office of Federal Programs Support (614) 466-4161
Comparability Jim Comeaux (614) 995-5044
Compliance Diane Neal
(614) 728-3483
Direct Student Services (Expanding Opportunities for Each Child Grants)/Allocations Bryan Hoynacke
Choon Sung Kambara
(614) 752-2146
(614) 752-1491
General Help Desk
IDEA Early Childhood Special Education Preschool Special Education (614) 369-3765
IDEA Maintenance of Effort Paul Sogan (614) 728-2098
IDEA 6B Restoration & IDEA 6b Restoration IDEA 6B Restoration - Various Office of Exceptional Children contacts available.  Please review the Address Book within CCIP for your 6B Restoration contact.

IDEA 6b Restoration -  Preschool Special Education  
                                           (614) 369-3765               
McKinney-Vento Homeless Children
and Youth
Susannah Wayland (614) 387-7725
Maintenance of Effort Jim Comeaux (614) 995-5044
Nonpublic Data System (NPDS) Chantelle Carter (614) 466-5203
Nonpublic Ombudsman Chantelle Carter
ODE Nonpublic Ombudsman
(614) 466-5203
OEDS Support Various contacts available.
Please visit the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) page for information.
OH ID Portal Help
Project Cash Request (PCR) & Final Expenditure Report (FER) Support Various Grants Management contacts available.
Please review the Address Book within CCIP for your ODE Grants Management Contact.
Schoolwide Pool Randall Richardson (614) 466-2953
School Improvement Grants (SIG) and School Quality Improvement Grant Competitive - Daniel Sipek

Non-Competitive -Various Federal Programs consultants available.
Please review the Address Book within CCIP for your Consolidated ODE Application Contact.
(614) 369-3770
Supplement, Not Supplant Jeremy Marks (614) 466-4161
Teacher / Aide Qualifications Diane Neal (614) 728-3483
Title IA - Improving Basic Programs Ava Yeager
Diane Neal

(614) 728-3483
Title IC - Migrant Education Rasha Hetata
Diane Neal
Morgan Brown
(614) 752-1469
(614) 728-3483
(614) 466-7918
Title ID - Neglected and Delinquent Karen Auble
Diane Neal
(614) 995-5928
(614) 728-3483
Title IIA - Supporting Effective Instruction Matt Imperato
Diane Neal
(614) 264-6407
(614) 728-3483
Title III - EL & Immigrant Rasha Hetata
Diane Neal
Morgan Brown
(614) 752-1469
(614) 728-3483
(614) 466-7918
Title IVA - Student Support and Academic Enrichment Lisa Huckins
Diane Neal
Morgan Brown
(614) 644-6095
(614) 728-3483
(614) 466-7918
Title V - Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) Amy Hill
Diane Neal
(614) 387-7562
(614) 728-3483


Office of Federal Programs Administration

Jeremy Marks, Director
(614) 466-4161

Karen Auble, Assistant Director
(614) 995-5928

Morgan Brown, Assistant Director
(614) 466-7918

Jim Comeaux, Assistant Director
(614) 995-5044

Scott May, Assistant Director
(614 )752-1410

Diane Neal, Assistant Director
(614) 728-3483


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