One Plan

The One Plan is a systemic consolidated district planning tool for all district operations, strategically aligned to funding and resources and focused on improving outcomes for all students. Currently, the CCIP Planning Tool is being used to pilot the One Plan to prepare for the development of the ED STEPS system.  

As part of the Ohio Department of Education’s ED STEPS process, organizations within Ohio are assigned to one of three One Plan cohorts. Each cohort is associated with a starting year. Cohorts 1, 2 and 3 have starting fiscal years of 2021, 2022 and 2023, respectively. In each year, the organizations that are part of that cohort will begin three-year planning to include three school years. This will include identifying needs in a three-year format and writing three-year plans.  

The ED STEPS process includes the identification and consolidation of all the various needs assessments and programmatic planning requirements into a comprehensive planning process. This process has started but is not complete. Therefore, some of the cohorts still may be required to complete other Department planning requirements that reside outside of the first iteration of the One Needs Assessment and One Plan annually until the entire ED STEPS system is completed. 


Members of the pilot were assigned to Cohort 3. Organizations that submitted completed Pilot Partnership Agreements but were not selected for the pilot were assigned to Cohort 1. The remaining organizations were randomly distributed across the three cohorts using identification criteria similar to the pilot selection and based on organization type. This random assignment methodology was used to achieve an even distribution of organizations between the three cohort groups. To maintain this random and even distribution, cohort assignments will not be changed.  

For organization types outside of community schools and public districts, at this time only entities that currently complete consolidated applications have been assigned to cohorts. If other entities within these organization types become eligible, they will be added accordingly.

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Resources and Training

Ed Steps Summary - PDF
Navigation to the Planning Tool - PDF
One Plan - Preparing to Plan - PDF
How to Export the One Needs Assessment to the Planning Tool - PDF
Cohort 1 - One Plan Process - PDF
Cohorts 2 and 3 - One Plan Process - PDF
Creating a District Plan - PDF
Creating a Building Plan - PDF
Creating Fiscal Resources - PDF
Using the Needs Analysis Tool - PDF

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