Title V, Part B - Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP)

Title V, Part B - Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP)


Ohio's srsa and rlis districts

Map of Ohio's SRSA and RLIS districts for FY 21 school year.

Contact Information

Dr. Diane Neal
Assistant Director
(614) 728-3483

Title V Part B (REAP) provides supplemental funding to support eligible rural districts that do not have the capacity to compete for federal competitive grants and receive smaller allocations in Federal entitlement funds. The REAP funds are used to implement effective Federal programs to improve student academic performance.

There are two initiatives under REAP:

  1. Rural Low-Income School (RLIS)
  2. Small Rural School Achievement Program (SRSA)




There are two ways to identify if your district is rural.

  • National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) Locale Codes: Locale codes are a measure of the geographic area of a school district. The codes range from “large city” to “rural.” Based on the geographic standards used in the 2000 Census, there will be new codes for school year 2017-2018 and beyond. The current codes were used for school year 2016-2017 and before.


  • Ohio’s Alternative Definition for Rural: Each state may select an alternative definition for rural to identify districts that may qualify for REAP funding. When NCES makes a change in a locale code, some districts which previously were eligible for REAP are no longer eligible and lose this valuable funding. Ohio has a new an alternative definition using a District’s Typology. Those districts identified as rural under District Typology may meet the criteria for REAP funding. 



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