Education Fiscal Data Project

The Ohio Department of Education works with school districts and entities that serve school districts to develop and deploy analytical tools that allow districts and other stakeholders to analyze more thoroughly district spending patterns in order to promote more effective and efficient use of resources. The outputs of these efforts - reports and documents designed to better understand and subsequently improve the collection and use of financial data by school districts - will be posted to this Web site as they become available.

District Fiscal Benchmark Report


Select your district by clicking on the drop-down list in the blue box in cell D5. This will populate the report with data for your district, the average for your county and the averages for similar districts. 

For additional comparisons, three districts of your choice can be selected using the drop-downs in cells H5, I5 and J5. 


We are very interested in your feedback regarding this tool. Specifically:

  • Is the tool useful to you?
  • Do the data queries and resulting data elements make sense to you when reviewing your district's information?
  • Are there other data elements that you would propose adding in future years?        


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