Federal Education Reductions for School Year 2013-14

At the federal level, most education programs will be reduced by approximately 5.2 percent due to two Congressional measures: 1) a 5 percent reduction to education programs due to the automatic spending reductions required under the Budget Control Act of 2011, also known as “sequestration” and 2) a 0.2 percent across-the-board reduction to all spending under the federal 2013 budget continuing resolution. While the 5.2 percent is a general figure at the federal level, the percent reductions to state and school district awards will vary based on specific formula criteria. Below is a chart of the main education programs and the estimated reduction to Ohio’s awards.

Federal Grant Name Total Federal Grant Award
  Estimated School Year 2013-14 Actual School Year 2012-13 Difference
Carl D. Perkins Voc Ed Basic Grant $     42,750,001.00 $     42,750,001.00 $                 0.00
McKinney-Vinto-Homeless Children & Youth $       2,477,988.00  $       2,625,826.00 $      147,838.00
Title IC - Migrant Education $       2,598,710.00 $       2,745,468.00 $      146,758.00
Title ID - Neglected and Delinquent State Agencies $          914,242.00 $          952,587.00 $        38,345.00
Title VI - Pt B, Sbpt 1 - Rural and Low Income $       3,226,230.00 $       3,386,701.00 $      160,471.00
English Language Acquisition $       9,419,188.00    $       9,599,078.00 $      179,890.00
Title IIA - Improving Teacher Quality $     86,253,711.00 $     90,808,736.00 $   4,555,025.00
21st Century After School Learning Centers $     43,080,722.00 $     44,561,817.00 $   1,481,095.00
Title IA - Grants to LEAs $   555,319,575.00 $   588,308,607.00 $ 32,989,032.00
School Improvement Grants $     19,144,746.00 $     20,262,053.00 $   1,117,307.00
Preschool Special Education $     11,597,261.00  $     12,270,992.00 $      673,731.00
IDEA B Special Education $   413,778,315.00 $   436,958,357.00 $ 23,180,042.00
State Assessments $     10,305,824.00 $     11,021,049.00 $      715,225.00
Math and Science Partnership $       4,889,784.00 $       5,268,605.00 $      378,821.00
  $1,205,756,297.00 $1,271,519,877.00 ($65,763,580.00)

School District Allocations

The Ohio Department of Education has provided school districts and sub-recipients with estimated allocations for the 2013-14 school year, which will be available for districts on July 1, 2013. The amounts districts receive in the 2013-14 school year for the various federal programs are based on specific federal formula criteria, such as the most recent student population and poverty data. Therefore, the increase or decrease to the amount a district receives from the 2012-13 school year to the 2013-14 school year for the various programs will vary considerably. In general, the amount of the reduction at the state level is 5.2 percent. 

Spreadsheets of all the impacted federal program school district allocations:

State Assistance to Mitigate Federal Reductions to School District Impact

The department plans to help mitigate the federal reductions to the school district in two ways. First, the department will take $11 million of federal IDEA Part B state special project funds that were awarded but unclaimed in prior years and reallocate them to the school districts via their federal formulas. Second, the department will take $8 million in federal Title I funds that were originally awarded to now-closed community schools and reallocate the funds to the traditional school districts where the community schools were located. 

Spreadsheets of the Title I and IDEA school district allocations containing the redistributed funds:

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Federal Reduction Information and Web links

The federal sequestration reductions have the potential to negatively impact school district budgets for the 2013-14 school year and beyond. As school districts consider the appropriate response to the federal reductions, it is important to remember that all federal compliance requirements, such as Maintenance of Effort (MOE) and Supplement, not Supplant (SNS), remain in effect. For example, if funding for a program is moved from the federal funding source to a state or local source, it may be difficult (or impossible) to move the program to a federal funding source at a later date.

Click on the links below for the latest information on the federal reductions, including guidance documents from the U.S. Department of Education, Frequency Asked Questions  and other talking points.



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