Requirements for Preschool Under the Switch from Days to Hours

2015-16 School Year Guidance Regarding Days of Operation

House Bill 59 shifted the operational requirements for school districts from ensuring a specific number of days programs must operate to a specific number of hours of operation, and eliminated calamity days. However, the bill did not include language for pre-kindergarten programs, whether designed for typically developing children or those with disabilities. What follows are the requirements for pre-kindergarten programs funded through the Ohio Department of Education for the 2015-16 school year.

Preschool Special Education Programs (PSE)

The Operating Standards for Agencies serving Children with Disabilities requires that “unless otherwise specified in the IEP, a minimum of four hours of services per month shall be provided for each child by an itinerant teacher and a minimum of ten hours of services per week shall be provided for each child served by a center-based teacher.” These hourly requirements will continue to be met in the 2015-16 school year by providing center-based or itinerant programs for a minimum of 36 weeks per school year.

Early Childhood Education Entitlement Programs

Any preschool or daycare provider participating in the Early Childhood Education program created by H.B. 59 is required to have a schedule of at least 12 and ½ hours per week.  This schedule is equivalent to part-time kindergarten, which equals 455 hours per year under Ohio Revised Code 3313.48.

Early Childhood Education Entitlement program calendars shall provide services for a standard school year of at least 36 weeks and for at least 455 hours per year.  Early Childhood Education Entitlement programs must make up hours lost if the amount of services provided will fall below 455 hours. 

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