Treasurer's Newsletter

Treasurer's Newsletter

May Newsletter


End of Fiscal Year Notice

The state’s accounting system will stop processing payments in mid-June for its annual fiscal year-end closing procedures. Therefore, the Ohio Department of Education must adjust its timetable for approving project cash requests. To ensure timely payment, submit project cash requests to the Office of Grants Management by Friday, June 12, 2020, at noon.

Funds can be requested to cover expenses for June 1 through July 17, 2020. If your request contains an advance amount, please outline how you will expend the funds and the expected liquidation date in the Justification of Need section of the cash request. To receive approval consideration, you must provide sufficient details, and funds must be for immediate needs within the period specified above. Payment cash requests for an advance amount must reflect a June or July advance period that corresponds with the liquidation date indicated on your request. If you do not meet these guidelines, the Office of Grants Management will delay or return your request unapproved, and it may not be paid until after July 1. Cash management guidelines that normally require liquidation within five business days of receipt are temporarily relaxed during this time frame. However, please note that all funds must be liquidated in accordance with the dates designated on your request. Having unspent funds after the time frame indicated on your cash request constitutes a violation of cash management guidelines and may result in an audit finding.   

The Office of Grants Management will review project cash requests as quickly as possible and in the order received. To expedite the process, please attach supporting documentation if the total reimbursement amount is greater than 10 percent of the allocation.

If the Office of Grants Management does not receive a cash request by the deadline, it cannot guarantee payment before the statewide shutdown. This means the payment will be issued when the state accounting system is back online. In addition, the large volume of requests received during this time period may result in delays for some payments due to a shortage in state appropriation (spending authority). The Office of Grants Management will process payments that do not meet the deadline or cannot be issued due to lack of appropriation after July 1.


Each local education agency (LEA) is required to have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number and active System for Award Management (SAM) registration to receive federal funding. With the new fiscal year approaching, it is a good time to ensure your LEA’s SAM account is active and your DUNS number is valid. Your DUNS number and SAM registration must remain valid at all times.

The Ohio Department of Education could limit your district’s grant-related business if it does not have an active/current SAM account and/or DUNS number. 

The information below has been provided to the Ohio Department of Education by the Office of Budget Management:

It is important to note there is no fee to renew your SAM registration. Be aware that fraudsters are looking for ways to take advantage of the current pandemic and the increase in federal funds being distributed. Be aware of a fraudulent website that has the look and feel of the System for Award Management (SAM) site. Be sure to stay clear of this fraudulent website: Carefully review all expiration email notices that indicate your SAM is about to expire. Do not follow any redirect links, instead go directly to to renew.

Likewise be on alert about a company that sends emails from Renewal Support ( indicating your SAM registration is about to expire. The email has information in areas such as the subject line that was gleaned from a public search at This information may make a reader believe it is an official email from SAM, but it will redirect you to a professional renewal service to update your registration for a fee. Again, updating SAM is easy and free, so please do not pay someone to update your information.  If you need assistance, please contact the Office of Grants Management at

Additionally, the federal government is moving away from using DUNS numbers and will assign Unique Entity Identifiers (UEI) beginning in December 2020. The UEI will become the new “official identifier.” You do not need to take any action. A UEI automatically will be assigned to all SAM registrations (active and inactive), and legacy DUNS numbers will be phased out. Information on the webpage states it has “begun preparing for this transition by educating users about the upcoming changes and updating field labels and references to the DUNS number (the current identifier) within the system. Users should continue using the DUNS number in UEI fields until further notice. To learn more about SAM’s rollout of the UEI, please visit”