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Treasurer's Newsletter

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CRF and Broadband Final Expenditure Report Due 11/22/21

The Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) and Broadband Ohio grants Final Expenditure Reports (FER) are due Nov. 22, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE:  Unless otherwise notified, all other FERs are due Sept. 30.

The Coronavirus Relief Fund will end Dec. 30, 2021. At that time, all unused funds must be returned to the U.S. Treasury. The last day for the Ohio Department of Education to request money from this fund for grantees is Dec. 17, 2021. Therefore, to allow Department staff sufficient time to process FERs and issue payments, the CRF and Broadband FERs for application years (for application years FY21 and FY22) are due Nov. 22, 2021. 

Depending on your grants status, please do the following:

  • If you have already submitted your organization’s FER, no further action is needed.
  • If you have spent all grant funds but not filed the FER, please submit the FY21 or FY22 FER to close out the grant. No additional reporting is required. 
  • If you have not spent all grant funds, we encourage you to continue spending under the fiscal year where your funds currently are housed (FY21 or FY22). The last day to submit a Project Cash Request (PCR) for both years is Sept. 17, 2021. After this date, you can continue to spend; however, any payment due automatically will be generated and sent after the FER is approved by the Department. 

The Department is discouraging grantees who still have unspent FY21 funds from filing a FER on Sept. 30 and requesting carryover into FY22. This is due to the short spending period remaining and additional steps required to set up and close out a FY22 application. Therefore, please continue spending in the current application until you are ready to file the FER. 

For information on how to submit an FER, please refer to the Quick Reference Guide – Section 5.

If you have issues or concerns with meeting the deadline, please reach out to us to discuss.

Timely submission of the FER is imperative. Once the Department loses access to these funds in December, no additional payments can be issued. Direct questions to


Grants Management Updates



The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) is now called the Assistance Listing Number (ALN).

The name change will be updated in the CCIP. The number itself will not change; however, using the alpha identifier along with the number is required. For example, the ALN for Title I — Improving Basic Programs is 84.010A. You can find the ALN in a funding application’s award letter in the history log and on the project cash request screen.

ALNs are detailed public descriptions of federal programs that provide grants, loans, scholarships, insurance and other types of assistance awards. Search for details about any ALN at