Noncompetitive Proposal When Procuring Federal Funds

The Department worked with various stakeholders to understand and develop noncompetitive proposal processes.

Access the forms and instructions below in the Managing Your Grant – Newly Released Documents section.

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Federal & State Grants Administration
Ohio Department of Education

Regional Contacts

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Mission Statement

Through the most efficient and innovative means available, the Office of Federal and State Grants Administration will assist local constituencies in establishing effective fiscal management for grants including acting as a centralized liaison between Department program functions and key educational stakeholders and providing expert technical assistance and monitoring to ensure grant fiscal provisions are met. Read full mission statement

General Information

These pre-application materials will assist you in properly setting up and managing your grant. Many grants are maintained in the Continuous Comprehensive Improvement System (CCIP). In order to access CCIP, you must have a OH|ID account. Information on OH|ID accounts and other information to get you started with successfully managing your grant are below. Additionally, grantees receiving federal financial assistance must have a Unique Entity ID (UEI). After an organization receives a UEI, the number must also be added to the Ohio Education Director (OEDS).

Comprehensive Continuous Improvment Plan (CCIP)

Grants Manual

The goal of creating the grants manual is to provide grantees with a one-stop location to find information needed to manage their grant(s). The manual contains federal, state, and department guidance in addition to important how-to information.  Instructions on how to complete a project cash request and final expenditure report can be found in the manual.

Frequently Used Grants Manual Sections

Submitting a Budget and Substantially Approved Dates
Budgeting and Required Support Documentation
UEI Requests and Registration Instructions 
   How to add UEI to OEDS Nonpublic Final Expenditures Instructions
Project Cash Request (PCR) Instructions
Transferability/Schoolwide Pool PCR Instructions

General Linked Documents

Managing Your Grant

Below are guidance documents and forms, links and instructional videos to assist in managing your grants.

Newly Released Documents

FY20 - Child Nutrition Payments (CRRS)

Guidance Documents and Forms

2014-001 Receiving Refunds and Rebates
2014-002 Time and Effort
2015-001 Factors Affecting Allowability
2015-002 Severance Pay
2015-003 Travel Guidance
2015-004 Cash Management
2015-005 Budget Revision Requirements
Assurances - Funding Application
Assurances - Project Cash Request (PCR)
Budget Grid
Final Expenditure Report (FER)
Noncompetitive Proposal - All Entities
Noncompetitive Proposal - ESCs
Project Cash Request (PCR)
Transferability Excel Worksheet

Helpful Links

2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance)
Document Library (Expand "CCIP" for Notes)
Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR)
Federal Subsidy Report (2021)
Federal Subsidy Report (2008 - 2020)
Indirect Costs​
Internal Controls
Payment Details
Treasurer's Newsletters
Uniform School Accounting System (USAS)
U.S. Department of Education (USDOE)

Informational Videos

Your Grants – Getting Started in the New Year (Complete Video) 

                                                        Video Sections

Application Submission
Budget Revisions
Expenditure Summary by Object
Grants Management Tips
Grant Requirements
Obligation of Expenses
Period of Availability & Liquidation
Project Cash Requests
Substantially Approved Date
Tracking and Coding Expenditures
Reviews and Supporting Documentation

Final Expenditure Report (FER) - Submitting in CCIP  

Medicaid in Schools Program

Access updates, rules and requirements as well as a list of participants for the Medicaid Schools Program