Managing Your Grant

This web page will provide key actions to manage your grant in the CCIP and/or on paper.

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Should you need assistance with any aspect of your grant, please reach out to the Grants Administration contact assigned to the county  where your organization is located.  

System Accesses

All grantees must have an OH|ID account and a Department of Education Profile to access systems such as: the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) and the Ohio Education Directory (OEDS).  When a CCIP related role is assigned in OEDS, access to the CCIP is automatically granted.  An OH|ID account is also needed to obtain an OAKS supplier/vendor ID to do business with the State of Ohio.

Please use this link for instructions to the various systems. 

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Grants Manual / Quick Reference Guide / Videos 

The Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Grants Management created a comprehensive grant's manual  and a quick refer guide to help chief financial officers and treasurers manage their districts’ grants. The manual outlines the fiscal representatives’ responsibilities, which include meeting many legal requirements; establishing and monitoring fiscal management procedures and sharing information with stakeholders.

The quick guide is designed to take you though the basic steps necessary to set-up accounts with the state of Ohio as well as the various accounts used by the Ohio Department of Education.  It also provides guidance to submit a budget, project cash requests and final expenditure reports.


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Guidance / Laws / Regulations / Forms

Ohio Department of Education



  • 2 CFR 200 (Code of Federal Regulations)
  • 34 CFR (Education Department General Administration Regulations (EDGAR))


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Manual Forms

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Additional Resources

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Frequently Requested Information

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