Getting Ready to Apply for a Grant

Access Systems, Applications and User Names or Passwords

Additional Information for Federal Grants

Access Systems, Applications and User Names or Passwords

1. Obtain An OH|ID Account and Department of Education Profile

As a grantee receiving funds from a state agency, you will use your OH|ID account to log into systems used by the Ohio Department of Education.

If you already have an OH|ID and Department profile to go directly to the sign-in page.

If you do not have an OH|ID, access instructions to create an OH|ID and Department profile.

For additional help, access the Department of Education OH|ID Portal Help page.

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2. Obtain an Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS) Supplier/Vendor ID

To do business with the State of Ohio, each grantee is required to have an OAKS Supplier/Vendor ID and provide banking information to receive payment. (If your organization currently receives payments from the Department or another state agency, it is likely you already have an OAKS Supplier/Vendor ID.)

If you do not have an OAKS Supplier/Vendor ID you will need to create a new account.

Allow 5 business days for the documents to be processed. You will be notified via email of your OAKS ID#. In you need additional information, please submit an inquiry via the “Contact Us” page or call 877-644-6771.

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3. Obtain an Information Retrieval Number (IRN)

To do business with the Ohio Department of Education, each grantee is required to have IRN. The IRN is as a unique numeric identifier.

Search for your organizations IRN in the Ohio Education Directory (OEDS).

If your organization does not have an IRN you will need to request one. * Create/Establish a New Organization in the Ohio Education Directory (OEDS).

*The person requesting an IRN will need an OH|ID account and an active Department of Education
profile (Step 1.1).

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4. Obtain Access the Ohio Education Directory System (OEDS)

You or someone in your organization will need the role of OEDS Administrator to manage who in your organization is authorized to complete budgets, request payments, and provide final approvals in the CCIP.

Access OEDS (Use you OH|ID user name and password to login).

Click here for assistance if you do not see the Ohio Education Directory System tile in the application section once you have successfully logged into the OH|ID portal.

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5. Assign Roles in OEDS

Roles are necessary to access funding applications, request grant money (project cash requests - PCR) and submit a final expenditure report (FER) in the CCIP e-grant system. The OEDS Administrator assigned to your organization has the authority to assign roles. Your organization must assign someone to the roles of Superintendent or CCIP Authorized Representative and Treasurer or CCIP Fiscal Representative. Typically, these roles are assigned to different individuals. We recognize that the structure of some organizations receiving a grant makes the separation of these duties a challenge.

After the CCIP related roles are assigned in OEDS, you will automatically be assigned the CCIP application tile. The tile may take up to 24 hours to appear in your OH|ID account.

  • Access OEDS (Use you OH|ID user name and password to login).
  • Instructions to add/assign the roles in OEDS.
  • For help finding your organization’s OEDS Administrator or if the person is no longer with your organization, please reach out to your organization’s data custodian.

If you need additional assistance with this step, please feel free to reach out to the office of Grants Management at

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6. Associate OAKS ID# to IRN Number

To receive grant payments, your state of Ohio OAKS Supplier/Vendor ID and the Department assigned Information Retrieval Number (IRN) must be associated with one another. Before you can complete this step be sure you have both.

To complete this step, please send an e-mail to the Department’s fiscal office.

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7. Access the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP)

The CCIP is a unified grants application and verification system that contains the grant funding applications, project cash requests (PCR) and a final expenditure report (FER).

  • Sign in to the CCIP. (Use you OH|ID user name and password to login).
  • View the presentationabout the data requirements needed to access the CCIP.
  • Add contact to CCIP

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Additional Information for Federal Grants

8. Obtain a UEI or Register in

A Unique Entity ID (UEI) is a unique 12-character alphanumeric value or identifier assigned to a specific entity. It is required for all grantees receiving federal funds. Registering with the SAM is only required for primary awardees receiving funds directly from the federal government.

See detailed instructions, steps 1 or 2.

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9. Enter UEI in Ohio Education Directory (OEDS)

See detailed instructions, step 3.

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