Ohio K-12 Network

The Ohio K-12 Network is a joint effort between the Ohio Educational Computer Network (OECN) and the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce (ODEW). The Ohio K-12 Network was created in 1999-2000 to provide funding to assist Ohio school districts in connecting to the statewide, K12 educational technology network. The Ohio K-12 Network offers services to all Public and Chartered Nonpublic school districts in the State of Ohio, linking classrooms to each other and the Internet, while providing access to voice, data, video, electronic mail and other educational resources for students, teachers and administrators. For the FY24 funding cycle, districts are required to complete the online application. Applicants are also required to have completed an eligible Funding Year 2023 E-Rate application. Per-building allocations for FY24 will remain $1,800.00 per eligible building. Eligible entities include Public Schools, Community Schools, Chartered Nonpublic Schools, qualifying Educational Service Centers, Joint Vocational Schools, Ohio School for the Deaf, Ohio School for the Blind, and the Department of Youth Services.

Last Modified: 5/17/2024 5:03:01 PM