Connectivity Subsidy

Eligibility for the Ohio K-12 Network Connectivity Subsidy

The Ohio K-12 Network connectivity subsidy is paid annually to eligible public and nonpublic schools that connect to the Ohio Educational Computer Network (OECN) to help offset the cost of supporting their local district networks.

For FY24, the subsidy is $1,800.00 per building per year. The district must apply for this subsidy on an annual basis: It is not distributed automatically.

The criteria to qualify for eligibility are as follows:

  1. Districts must maintain network connectivity to the Educational Computer Network (OECN). To be eligible, district applicants must comply with the technical connectivity requirements of the program. The connectivity requirements for 2023-24, school year can be found here.

    Districts may contract with an ISP of their choosing for secondary or backup service; however they may not use program funds for this purpose.

  2. Districts must apply for this subsidy by completing the online application. Non-public schools should contact their ITC to inquire about their eligibility and application requirements for connectivity funding.
  3. As part of the application process, districts might be asked to submit to the Ohio Department of Education a diagram of their Wide Area Network (WAN) demonstrating the utilization of one of the approved network connectivity models. Acceptable WAN models can be reviewed at Acceptable Connectivity Models.
  4. To qualify for eligibility, the districts must apply for the federal E-Rate subsidy program, and must do so within the eligible filing window for the corresponding funding year. If you need assistance with E-Rate, please call Lorrie Germann at 740.223.2420, or via email at .
  5. The entire funding amount from this subsidy must be encumbered on or before June 30, 2024.
  6. All funds must be liquidated on or before September 30, 2024.
  7. Please account for this funding using USAS Fund 451, Receipt Code 3219.

Last Modified: 9/28/2023 7:15:54 AM