CBDD Funding


County Boards of Developmental Disabilities serve Ohioans by providing a variety of services and coordination activities to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each of Ohio’s 88 counties has a County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Together these boards serve over 100,000 Ohioans. Of these, approximately 33,600 are children aged 3 to 17 and 8,000 are young adults in transition aged 18-21. County boards offer services such as medical, nursing, case management, occupational and physical therapy, room and board, education, counseling and other services to their member school districts.

Preschool Special Education

ORC Section 3317.0213 provides funding to County Boards of Developmental Disabilities for preschool special education services for children not enrolled in kindergarten and between the ages of 3 and 5. The funding consist of two portions: the un‐equalized per‐pupil amount is $4,000 times the total count of preschool children regardless of their handicapping condition, and the special education portion that is equalized by the student’s districts state share percentage. Because services are typically provided on a half-day basis to preschool children, the funding formula calls for the equalized per-pupil amount to be multiplied by 0.5. The amount of the county board preschool deduction is included in the Other Adjustments section of the School Foundation Payment Report (SFPR) of each district.  

The state share percentage reflects the wealth of a school district as measured by property valuation and the income of district residents. This is calculated to determine the distribution of state dollars through the foundation formula. The state share percentage equalizes the distribution of money among school districts.

Funding formula:
[(($4000 * FTE) + (FTE by Category * Applicable Category Weight * Statewide Average Base Cost Per-Pupil * District State Share Percentage * 0.5)) * Proration Factor]

Statewide Average Base Cost Per-Pupil is $8,242.19.

As with school-age children, special needs preschool children are placed into six broad categories for funding purposes.

Category Description of Condition FY 24 WEIGHT
1 Speech and Language Impairments 0.2435
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Other Health Impaired (minor)
  • Developmental Delay (preschool only)
  • Deafness (hearing impairment)
  • Emotional Disturbance (SBH)
  • Visual Impairments
  • Other Health Impaired (major)
  • Multiple Disabilities (other than deaf-blind)
  • Orthopedic Impairments
  • Deaf-Blindness
  • Autism
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

School Aged Special Education

ORC Section 3317.20(B) provides for the state funding of each school-aged child served by a County Board of Developmental Disabilities to be based on the statewide average base cost per pupil, the applicable weights specified in Section 3317.013 of the revised code and the state share percentage of the district in which the child is entitled to attend school. 

Funding formula:
[Sum of each child (FTE * (Statewide Average Base Cost Per-Pupil + (District State Share Percentage * Applicable Category Weight * Statewide Average Base Cost Per-Pupil)))]


County Boards of Developmental Disabilities are eligible to receive state funding for transportation of school-age children. This funding is equal to the special education expenditures reported by the ESCs on their T-2 report multiplied by the state minimum share of 37.50% in FY24.

Questions about County Board of Developmental Disabilities funding may be provided to Elena Sanders, James Comeaux or Prabir Sarkar of the Ohio Department of Education.


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