Educational Service Centers Funding

Since Educational Service Centers (ESCs) have no legal taxing or bonding authority, they must depend on revenues from member districts, from the state as prescribed in law, through contracted services to districts, and from competition for grants and state funding.

State funding to ESCs is provided to support basic operations and statutorily mandated services. State funding of about $64 million per year makes up roughly one-fourth of the total funding received by ESCs. It consists of three major categories – gifted unit funding, preschool handicapped units, and a per-pupil allocation.

About three-fourths of the funding for ESCs comes from the member districts they serve through deductions or transfers that ODE makes out of the districts’ SFPR to the ESCs. For FY16, these deductions total about $200 million statewide. A number of calculations comprise this deduction and will be described below.

Educational Service Centers Funding Document

Last Modified: 1/20/2021 9:34:18 AM