Compliance Monitoring System for School-Related Pupil Transportation

The Ohio Department of Education Office of Field Services and Transportation launched a new compliance monitoring system for all school-related pupil transportation programs in the state as outlined in Ohio law. This new system was established for districts to use April 1, 2022. All public school districts are required to submit assurances in the monitoring application by August 1st each school year.  The compliance monitoring system will allow the Office of Field Services and Transportation to reinforce and monitor the transportation responsibilities outlined in Ohio law. View the Compliance Monitoring Process.

Prior to the start of a new school year, schools that provide pupil transportation will be asked to review and sign off on assurances following the creation of their transportation plan. These assurances will allow the school to review the specific language in both Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code that outlines their transportation responsibilities. While the assurances submission is not a comprehensive list of all transportation laws, it does provide us with transportation specific services.  By completing, signing and submitting the assurances, the school certifies that all the transportation obligations are understood and will be met.

In order to better serve individual students, parents and schools, the compliance monitoring system will have a formal complaint process. This process will allow for a deeper investigation into complaints as well as the collection of comprehensive documentation and data. In these instances, the Office of Field Services and Transportation will adhere to specific Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code language when determining compliance.

It is important to note that if there is specific evidence that a school has been non-compliant over a consistent and prolonged period of time, the Office of Field Services and Transportation is required to notify the Office of Budget and School Funding. This could result in the loss of transportation funding for the period during which non-compliance was identified.

As the new compliance monitoring system is implemented, the Office of Field Services and Transportation will continue to work collaboratively with schools to ensure that all students are being served by a transportation program that is safe, efficient and, most of all, compliant.

Last Modified: 8/22/2022 9:46:31 AM