New Pupil Transportation Provisions in Ohio's Budget Bill

The Ohio Department of Education is sharing a few changes districts must implement in accordance with House Bill 110, also known as the state’s biennial budget bill. The new and amended Ohio Revised Code sections from House Bill 110 pertaining to transportation are:

1. 3327.01 Transportation of Pupils:

  • Requires a school district to provide transportation for community and nonpublic school students regardless of whether the district’s own schools are open for operation with students in attendance on that day. (Retains current law exception regarding transporting on weekends).
  • Requires school districts, educational service centers and transportation contractors to deliver students in preschool through grade 12 to their schools no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of the school day and to pick up no later than 30 minutes after the close of the school day.

2. 3327.016 Community and Nonpublic Schools Transportation Plan:

  • Requires community and nonpublic schools to establish start and end times for the school year by April 1 of the preceding year and to inform each district expected to transport its eligible students.
  • Requires districts to use information provided by the community and nonpublic schools to develop a transportation plan, including route and schedules within 60 days of receiving the information.
  • If a community school or nonpublic school provides start and end times after April 1, but before July 1, the district shall attempt to provide a transportation plan by Aug. 1.
  • For any eligible student who enrolls after July 1, the district shall attempt to develop a transportation plan, including routes and schedules, within 14 business days of receiving a request for transportation services.

3. 3327.017 Mass Transit to Transport Community and Nonpublic School Students:

  • Prohibits the use of mass transit for community and nonpublic school students in kindergarten through grade 8 unless the district enters into an agreement with the community or nonpublic school.
  • If a district uses mass transit in grades 9 through 12, it must ensure the student’s route does not require more than one transfer.

4. 3327.018 Transportation Contract for Bus Use by Outside Entities:

  • Permits a school district to contract with a nonprofit organization or government entity for fulfillment of legitimate activities and in times of emergency. This can include a public or private not-for-profit agency, group or organization, a municipal corporation, other political subdivision or any state or federal agency.

5. 3327.101 Online School Bus Driver Training Program:

  • Requires the Department to develop an Online Bus Driver Training Program for preservice and annual in-service training and requires drivers to complete on-the-bus training in person.

6. 3314.091 Transportation of Native Students Provided by Community School – Agreement:

  • Changes the deadline from Jan. 31 to Aug. 1 for a community school to notify a district that the school will take over transportation of the school’s students.

7. 3327.02 Declaring Impracticality of Transportation – Offer of Payment in Lieu of Transportation:

  • Sets the deadline for districts or community schools to make impracticality determinations to 30 calendar days prior to first day of instruction or if student enrolls after the first day of instruction within 14 days of enrollment.
  • Authorizes superintendents to make determinations which then are formalized at the next board or governing authority meeting. The district or school must send a letter detailing the reasons for determinations to parents, guardians, the State Board of Education of Ohio and the student’s community or nonpublic school.
  • Modifies the minimum amount for payment in lieu to be at least 50% of the amount determined by the Department as the average cost of pupil transportation from the previous school year.
  • Modifies the amount that a school district must pay to the student’s parent or guardian if the Department determines the district has failed to provide required transportation services (50% of cost of providing transportation to a student as determined by school or district but not more than $2,500).
  • Allows parents or guardians of a community or nonpublic school student to authorize the student’s school to represent them during mediation proceedings related to transportation services.

8. 3317.0212 Bus Ridership:

  • Extends to Nov. 1 (from Oct. 15) the deadline for districts to report their qualifying bus ridership (T1) to the Department.
  • Includes preschool students and students living within one mile of the school building as qualifying riders.
  • Allows for the greater of the morning or afternoon ridership to be counted.

For questions, please contact the Office of Field Services and Transportation at (614) 466-4230 or

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