T Report Instructions & Worksheets

This page contains information on transportation reports including deadlines, instructions, worksheets and miscellaneous training materials.  T Reports are to be filed electronically through the School Foundation Payment System (SFPS).  The worksheets provided on this page are for local use only.  All data must be entered and transmitted electronically.

To gain access to SFPS, a user needs to have a OH|ID Account, Department of Education Profile and an appropriate OEDS Role.

If you are having problems with your OH|ID Account or Department of Education Profile, please send an e-mail to the Account Administrator.

If you are having problems with your OEDS role, please contact your school district/agency's OEDS administrator.

T Report Instructions

T Report Worksheets

Community School Report

Community Schools approved by the Ohio Department of Education per ORC 3314.091 should refer to the handbook for requirements regarding reporting, compliance and funding for pupil transportation.

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