Accelerating learning means providing students with more, and more effective, opportunities to learn. Ohio is investing in programs to support schools and educators such as providing resources to assist districts in selecting high-quality instructional materials and creating more professional development opportunities for literacy instruction. In addition, Ohio is investing in programs with a more direct and immediate impact on students — dedicating $89 million in funding to support high-quality after-school and summer programming facilitated by nonprofits and $20 million to support a tutoring program that draws upon higher education students in the state to provide tutoring to students in the K-12 system.


Image for ACEAfterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account Program

($150 million)

The ACE educational savings account program provides qualifying families with a $500 credit that can be used to pay for a variety of enrichment activities that will accelerate learning for students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for more information.


Image for Summer Learning and Afterschool GrantSummer Learning and Afterschool Opportunities

($89.4 million)

These funds support partnerships between schools and community-based organizations that provide out-of-school services that address students’ academic needs and overall well-being. Additionally, funds establish or expand comprehensive after-school programs or evidence-based summer learning and enrichment programs. Programming  focuses on students most in need of services, addresses academic and wellness needs, and provides ongoing support for students who are chronically absent or did not attend school regularly as a result of the pandemic. Learn more on the Summer Learning and Afterschool Opportunities Grant webpage.

Image for Statewide Mathematics and Literacy TutoringStatewide Mathematics and Literacy Tutoring

($20 million)

These funds address learning disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this new grant program, colleges and universities are creating or expanding mathematics and literacy tutoring programs for Ohio students. This partnership between higher education and K-12 schools will give college students studying to become teachers invaluable experience in the field while students receive intensive supports to accelerate learning. Learn more on the Statewide Mathematics and Literacy Tutoring Grant webpage.

Image for Boys & Girls Club Ohio AllianceBoys and Girls Clubs

($17.9 million)

These funds support new and expanded summer and before- and after-school programming at Boys and Girls Clubs across Ohio and, particularly, in cities not already served by Boys and Girls Clubs. Through these new and expanded services, Ohio students will receive academic support to enhance and accelerate their classroom learning. The federal relief funds are targeted specifically to support students in underserved areas with high-quality learning resources during out-of-school time to supplement in-class learning. Find out more about the Ohio Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs.

Image for Ohio Learns 360PBS In-Home Learning

($5 million)

This initiative provides educational tools for students and parents across the state through a three-year initiative titled, “Ohio Learns 360.” Working in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio PBS stations will draw upon local, state and national resources to provide opportunities for students to continue learning beyond the school day. Through programming, interactive activities and special projects, the stations will leverage PBS resources and education partnerships to bring a holistic approach to meeting student learning acceleration needs. Find out more about Ohio Learns 360.

Featured image for Ohio Distance Learning InitiativeCOSI/Ohio Distance Learning Initiative

($4 million)

The Ohio Distance Learning Initiative, led by COSI and a collaboration of meal providers, libraries, museums and cultural institutions, delivers free learning kits to underserved youth and families throughout Ohio. Through a series of in-person events held across the state, this consortium of partners delivers hands-on, educational kits (called Learning Lunchboxes), which provide five days' worth of learning content encompassing a wide range of subject areas that underserved youth can do at home with their families. The lessons in Learning Lunchboxes are developed in partnership with NASA to teach students about topics like water, nature, energy and space. Additionally, each event site is transformed into a community Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing students and families to download learning supports that can be used offline. Learn more about the Ohio Distance Learning Initiative online.

Featured image for Leading MenLeading Men Fellowship

($3 million)

The Leading Men Fellowship recruits men of color between the ages of 18-24 and places them as role models and literacy aides in preschool classrooms for one year. This evidence-based program is funded through a public-private partnership and seeks to keep young men of color in early childhood and education long-term. Watch the video overview that explains why accelerating learning and focusing on literacy for our youngest students is a priority. Video produced and edited by Wagner Media in partnership with GreenLight Fund Cincinnati. Learn more on the Literacy Lab’s Leading Men Fellowship website.

Featured image for National Aviation Hall of FameNational Aviation Hall of Fame

($2 million)

The National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF), the nation’s only Congressionally-chartered aviation hall of fame, in partnership with PBS affiliate ThinkTV, is creating and distributing an aviation-focused, STEAM program titled, “Discovering Flight: Learning with the NAHF,” to Ohio schools most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is a multi-faceted educational curriculum for elementary-age children. Each lesson aligns with national curriculum standards and grade proficiency outcomes and includes classroom activities, videos, interactive activities and additional resources that bring science, history and the invention of powered flight to life. Discovering Flight also includes “Why I Fly,” a series of short videos featuring an individual in an aviation or aerospace career. Created by Hemlock Films, the focus of each film is to share the world of aviation and aerospace careers with a young and diverse audience. “Why I Fly” videos are shared on PBS digital media, the NAHF website and will be available to visitors of the NAHF through an interactive kiosk.

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